Introducing the basics of programming and
algorithmic thinking to children at an early stage improves
their problem solving ability and teaches them
one of the most important languages in the world today.

Glico wants to promote the healthy growth and development of children,
which is why we have created GLICODE™,
a fun and educational mobile app that allows kids
as young as 6 to learn the basics of
programming using Glico products.

These products are the building blocks
for a fun and delicious introduction to coding and algorithmic thinking.

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  • IF

In Japan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and
Communications have officially adopted
“GLICODE” to be part of the
'Popularisation of Programming'
initiative to integrate computer science
educationinto elementary school curriculums.

“GLICODE” is a programming activity
for the Hour of Code.

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GLICODE™ is a free educational app that teaches children about the principles of coding - with Pocky!
GLICODE™ is a trademark of the programming education app by Ezaki Glico.


Terms of use

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  • For sanitary purposes when placing products, please use surfaces suited for food, such as plates or wax paper.
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Supported platforms

● OS
Android 5.1 or higher / iOS 11 or higher
● Supported smartphone platforms
○ Android
Xperia XZ Premium SO-04J / Xperia X Compact SO-02J / Xperia XZ SO-01J / Xperia XZ1 SO-01K / Galaxy Feel SC-04J / Galaxy S8 SC-02J / Galaxy S7 edge SC-02H / AQUOS sense SH-01K / P10 lite WAS-LX2J
○ iOS
iPhone XS Max / iPhone XS / iPhone XR / iPhone X / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 7 / iPhone 6s Plus / iPhone 6s
● Supported tablet platforms
○ Android
Nexus 7(2013) / arrows Tab F-04H / Qua tab PZ LGT32 / Qua tab 01 KYT31 / dtab Compact d-01J
○ iOS
iPad Pro 12.9 inch / iPad Pro 11 inch / iPad Pro 10.5 inch / iPad / iPad mini 4
For the best experience, use the “GLICODE” app in a well lit environment and with a recommended device.